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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Oscar Overload

This year there will be 336 movies eligible for the Best Picture Oscar Award.  That's a lot of films to judge and whittle-down to 10 finalists. In fact, it's too many. In an unattainable quest to be deemed a totally inclusive group, the Academy's selection process appears foolish.

The movies in contention span all genres and ratings-levels no matter their significance. The criteria for eligibility being that the films must have screened at a commercial cinema in Los Angeles between January 1st - December 31st for at least seven consecutive days. Additionally, the films, must have been exhibited theatrically and have a run-time of more than 40 minutes.  This eliminates a huge number of festival entrants but still leaves hundreds of bona fide qualifiers.

Nominees for the Best Picture Award will be announced on January 28th. The Award Show will be televised from the Hollywood Dolby Theater on February 28th.

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