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Monday, January 29, 2018

Bigger Isn't Better In Movie Exhibition : Regal Gets Gobbled

AMC, the second largest cinema chain in the U.S. went to Chinese conglom Wanda Group, making Wanda the largest chain in the world with over 11,000 screens. Now it Regal Entertainment, the largest U.S. chain, being taken over by the Cineworld crew for a cool $3.6b, making Cineworld the globe's second largest chain with over 9,500 screens (Regal having 7,315).

Paying $23 per share for Regal, a premium of over $7 a share from its 2017 average price. Cineworld believes big is better in the movie exhibition game, but is it?  Recent poor box office grosses attest to the fact that entertainment seekers aren't enthused with the current cinema experience.

We, are Cinema Mucho Gusto (CMG) have always believed that, going forward, cinemas would have no choice but to lock arms with the major web content streamers and run day-and-date content that had big-screen/big sound appeal.

Cinemas, over the past decade, have responded to lower admissions by adding enticements such as, better seating, loyalty programs, enhanced food and drink options, and improved viewing options with larger screens and improved sound - but all those enticement came with higher admission pricing - and all for nought.

For example, Cinemark, another large U.S. chain, recently introduced the 'Movie Club' program. Under this incentive, a patron pays $8.99 for one ticket per month over the course of a year. Regal, experimented with a concept of charging more for an admission during peak hours and less at lighter attendance times.

I believe these schemes are not a solution to the problem of low attendance. People want GOOD CONTENT - a high-impact or animated film with a good storyline, and great effects, offered in a clean and safe environment with 'cinema food' and a great on-screen image and sound - that's IT!

All of these loyalty programs and admission pricing schemes are meaningless and will not bring in more eyeballs.  Gourmet burgers, flatbreads, gelato, sushi, and alcoholic beverages are not going to entice consumers to visit a cinema.

Just saying,

Jim Lavorato

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