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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saudi Arabia's 35 Yr. Cinema Ban Ends

Saudi's Lift 35 Yr. Ban on Cinemas
'Black Panther' became the first commercial movie to be screened publicly in Saudi Arabia in 35 years.

The movie screened at an AMC theater in the Riyadh's King Abdullah Financial District, is the first cinema to be opened since the 35 year old ban went into affect. All of the cinemas in the Kingdom were closed in the early '80s as men and women sitting together was viewed as taboo. The government as recently relaxed enforcement of laws banning co-mingling between unrelated men and women, although it still remains a grey area.

This marks an important moment in the Kingdom's modern-day history as it is part of the country's development of an entertainment industry and its adoption of a more liberal view-point to shared recreation.

The Riyadh AMC multiplex is the first of up to 100 planned to open in the next several years. The Kingdom's plan is to have about 350 cinemas throughout the country by 2030, which are anticipated to generate over $1b in admissions each year.

Clearly, the Saudi consumer is over-due for the cinema experience and the country's adoption of modern entertainment venues will be a huge success.

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