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Monday, January 14, 2019

James Bond: The Franchise With No End In Sight

Connery with iconic Aston Martin DB5
Next Year, 25 motorheads will be taking delivery of new DB5s - the famous car used in the early Bond films, such as 'Goldfinger'.  CMG had previously scribed about this event and now it is a reality. Aston Martin, EON (Bond movie producers) and special effects team at Pinewood Studios will deliver-up 28 of the retro DB5s.  To be dubbed 'Continuations', in a nod to the working title of the next Bond film (#25).

Bullet shield
One of the cars will remain at Aston, one for EON, and one to be auctioned for charity, the remaining 25 are already pre-sold at an all in price of  $4.26 million. The cars will be finished in the original Silver Birch and boast several of the authentic Goldfinger-spec gadgets. The ejector seat won't be present, nor the machine guns, or wheel slashers. The red ejector seat button (which will serve another purpose) will be present, as will the revolving number plates, and hopefully the bullet-proof shield.  Up-to-date navigation, phone, sound, media screens will be repackaged in retro guise complete with old-school handset mounted in the driver's door.
Wheel-slashers won't be included

These DB5s will be a lot of fun for those rich enough to indulge but they will not pass off as the genuine movie cars (of which there were three). The last which sold for $3.35 million or about $900,000 less than the new retros sold for.

Aston Martins are great cars and the DB5 one of their best models ever made. The newest is the DB11 which is being phased out to make way for a new DB12. Can't wait to see it!

Jim Lavorato
Entertainment Equipment Corp.

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