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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Rotten Tomatoes : Starting to Stink

Rotten Tomatoes .... Yes, its over.
I have written in this blog that Rotten Tomatoes' days were numbered. The beginning of the end started when Twitter, Instagram, and texting came to the fore. It's now heating-up and the Tomatoes are beginning to stink.

To counter their falling from relevance, last week RT announced that it was remodeling its scoring system so trolls could no longer torpedo films before they have opened. The statement read, "We are disabling the comment function until after a movie's release." RT has also made layout changes to its website - the Tomatometor is still being used but, I believe, its days are numbered.

Ask yourself, what is the valued-added for moviegoers by RT? Their ratings, for sure, will be so late to the game as to be irrelevant.  Moviegoers quickly know from their circle of friends, family, and acquaintances whether the movie is worth viewing or not.

The Tomatoes have been on the vine too long. The advancement of technology has made it passe' - like MoviePass and Fandango, it is only a matter of time before RT is relegated to the trash-bin of cinema history.

Jim Lavorato

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