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Saturday, May 11, 2019

FAT THOR - Best Part of 'End Game'

The best and most entertaining part of 'Avengers: EndGame' was, by far, fat Thor.  You have to give big kudos to Chris Hemsworth for playing the depression riddled superhero who has clearly gone to pot. 
'Fat' Thor in 'EndGame' and finishing dish of guac

Hemsworth, wore a fat suit for the role and relished the 'stretch' that the role required - he played it perfectly.

Munching on guac and as normal
Normally, Hemsworth (a body-builder) is in great shape for his 'super' roles, so playing 'fat' Thor got a lot of jollies for him and the other cast members.

Be it guzzling beer, munching on guac  or spooning cheesewiz the whole idea of depicting a fat Thor was genius and plays directly into the playful camaraderie of the super hero group.

Disney did a great job with 'End Game' and the $3b + box office proves it. Clearly, 'fat' Thor was a highlight for the film.

Jim Lavorato

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