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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Finally The Verdict: Weinstein 'Busted'

Is the casting couch dead?
CMG has been following the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault lawsuit for several years. We watched as Harvey finagled and postponed the process every way he could - changing his law team three times, promoting health issues and a heart condition to gain more time and jury sympathy, and contending that all charges against him were false as all of the sexual acts were consensual.

Finally, all of the legal maneuvers and court manipulations ended on Monday when Harvey was convicted on two of four indictments in a NYC court. The first count carries 5 years while the second (3rd degree rape) up to 24 years, his sentencing will be next month. As one would have expected, right after his conviction, Harvey complained of chest pains and was sent directly to the Rikers Island Prison hospital.

After his sentencing in New York, Harvey will be extradited to Los Angeles where he faces five more counts of sexual harassment and assault.  Old Harv could wind-up with over 175 years, if convicted. After Monday's sentencing Weinstein's attorneys made a statement that their client "took it like a man" and "was completely shocked by the verdict".

The #metoomovement was the force behind Weinstein's conviction and we may well be witnessing the end of the Hollywood 'casting couch'.

Jim Lavorato

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