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Monday, April 20, 2020

What To Call The 'Virus'

There's been lots of criticism regarding the naming of the virus. Coronavirus, COVID 19, pandemic, Chinese virus, Wuhan virus etc. The U.S. media was down on Pres. Trump because he was calling it the Chinese virus and according to them this was racist and degrading to the Chinese.

Sign throughout Asia
Well, guess what. The folks in Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, S. Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc. etc. are not only calling it the Wuhan virus but have signs that use Wuhan as an acronym, which is widely disseminated throughout these countries (see inset).

To verify this, I contacted several friends that are currently in Thailand and Japan and they agreed that the virus is referred to as the Wuhan virus in these countries.

We all need to be leery regarding the U.S. media and their skew of how they want news and events to be 'viewed' and 'consumed' by us.
The virus started and spread throughout the world due to China's inefficient and misguided handling and management of the virus - everyone knows that. You can call it what you want but the Asian countries, for the most part, are calling it the Wuhan virus from where it originated.

Just saying,

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