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Monday, January 11, 2010


Want to reduce energy costs & consumption - one sure and simple way is to get rid of your computing equipment. If your company is large enough to run various applications on a daily basis look to the clouds for a solution.

Cloud computing is used to store, retrieve, and manipulate company files and data. Cloud computing users only use what they need and pay for only what they use. When a company stores applications in the clouds, money and energy is saved because applications run on shared infrastructure where many businesses are utilizing the same server. Think of your emails - they're in a cloud and do not reside on your PC.

Subscribing to a cloud service provider requires little or no capital. The service is delivered over the Internet for a monthly fee and has the potential of saving a business a lot of money.

Cloud computing has been in existence for several years so any "bugs" cloud providers may have experienced have now been solved, and they are very safe. Cloud providers include Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM to name just several.

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