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Friday, January 08, 2010


The Technicolor on-film system enables exhibitors (worldwide) to use their current 35mm projectors to exhibit 3D films. The on-screen image is comparable to digital 3D and will allow exhibitors to charge a ticket premium just like digital 3D.

Requirements for the Technicolor 3D are a silver screen and certain lighting and film projection parameters which must be met and maintained to run their system. Technicolor will provide a special lens to each exhibitor meeting the specified requirements. Proper evaluation of each auditorium to comply with Technicolor's projection specifications and installation of the lenses will need to be performed by a Technicolor certified cinema equipment dealer that is also a bonafide technical cinema service provider - such as Entertainment Equipment Corp.

The system works with industry accepted polarized glasses and all of the film prints will be optimized for 35mm 3D using Technicolor's new post-production over/under processing.

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