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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Top Movie Franchises

Movie franchises are the life-blood of  the movie industry. Generating mega-bucks above and beyond their box office grosses these money machines have huge fan bases that purchase any and everything  franchise associated. From costumes to a vast array of collectible merchandise the biggest franchises even have their own theme parks and can last for decades with numerous sequels or prequels.

So which are the best and biggest movie franchises. According to a poll by Variety the top 15 all-time biggest franchises, so far, are:

  1. Star Wars (Disney building Star Wars Land - Disneyland, CA
  2. James Bond (the longest running)
  3. Batman (more actors playing the lead than any other franchise)
  4. Lord of The Rings (Shire theme park to open this year in Spain
  5. Rocky
  6. Fast & Furious (Universal's biggest with 8 and counting)
  7. Mission Impossible (theme park in London to open in 2021)
  8. Harry Potter (own theme park)
  9. Ironman (3 with Avengers' films)
  10. Lethal Weapon
  11. X-Men (sequels, prequels, and reboots)
  12. Pirates of the Caribbean (theme park in Shanghai)
  13. Spider Man (most reboots)
  14. Indiana Jones
  15. Die Hard
Waiting in the wings: Avatar (already has theme park). Now, imagine a Disney-Marvel 'Super' theme park with Ironman, Spider-man, Thor, Captain America, X-Men, and Avengers attractions.


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