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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Independents, Finally Getting It Together

After decades of being mistreated by distributors, NATO, and pretty much everyone in the cinema industry, independent exhibitors have finally smart'n-up and join an alliance to voice their concerns and protect their interests. 

Formed earlier this year, the not-for-profit Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA) already has 100 members, representing over 1,000 screens throughout North America.

According to Randy Hester, spokesperson for the Alliance, "Independent cinemas represent over 20% of all screens - equivalent to being the 3rd largest circuit in the U.S. So, speaking with one voice gives this group a lot of clout and brings to the forefront all of their concerns."
Film Availability Biggest Issue for ICA Members

"We aren't part of a big corporation with lots of other sources of revenue. This is it for us.So, jooining together gives us significantly more credibility and power" Hester told CMG. A cinema's tax status is irrelevant to the ICA -  if you're in the cinema business you can join the ICA.

In speaking with members of the ICA, it appears that availability of film on the break is their number one issue. Nothing affects independents more then film availability. According to several members, CMG spoke with, their feeling is that the advent of digital cinema was supposed to make wide distribution on the break easier because they would no longer be told there were no prints available. However, they still have to contend with the availability issue with the studios - and that's where voicing that issue as one, large group is significant.

We wish the ICA all the best and will certainly be an advocate for them. Anything CMG can do to ensure the survival and profitability of independent cinemas is at the top of our priority list.

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