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Saturday, June 23, 2018


Galaxy X
Samsung will be unveiling the first 'foldable' smart phone this February (maybe sooner). The Galaxy X, the tenth phone in the Galaxy series, will also feature a fingerprint and  facial scanner.

An answer to Apple's latest, the X will boast a 3.5" OLED that will fold out to a huge 7 inch tablet-sized phone. The phone may fold out like a book and may likely be comprised of three screens (or OLED panels) giving the appearance of a phone/tablet on one side and just a regular phone on the other side.

Global sales of consumer electronics will total more than $1.014 trillion this year. That growth driven by continued demand for three major categories of product: smartphones, smart speakers, and TVs. Innovation across the consumer electronics industry is pushing adoption of new technologies like voice control and artificial intelligence.

The current mantra in innovation is "How do we simplify technology?"

Entering store and being scanned
Suning Commerce Group, the Chinese retail store company, announced plans to open four unmanned automated stores. The cashier-less stores are aimed at offering today's tech-savvy consumers a very new and convenient shopping experience.

Powered by facial recognition technology, Radio Frequency Identification, big data analysis, and its own online financial services the Suning unmanned stores offer a friction-less shopping and paying experience.

Exiting store through pathway
After entering the store the customer simply lets a camera scan their face which is linked automatically to prearranged bank card. To check out, shoppers only need to carry their goods along the payment pathway which will recognize the shoppers and their items - making the entire check-out process less than 15 seconds.

This is surely the store of the future and you'll be seeing more and more of them as the consumer experience is paramount and the ease and convenience of the cashier-less store is what every shopper wants. Sales staff will still be on-hand to assist with product information and sales assistance.

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