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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Sicario: Franchise In The Making

Last week, the second film in the 'Sicario' series opened - 'Sicario: Day of the Soldado'. I say series because, I think, 'Sicario' is a film franchise in the making.

The 'Sicario' franchise, unlike others, is planned to have stand-alone episodes vs. follow-on story lines. Four of the original characters and cast members returned in 'Soldado' but in a new, and unique follow-on film which is not a direct sequel. Emily Blount, who played Kate Mercer, in the first film is not in 'Soldado' but is scheduled to return in the third film in the series.

'Sicario' (which stars Benicio Del Toro) is a crime drama not an action drama, and it is important to note that Taylor Sheridan the mastermind behind 'Sicario' had always envisioned a film trilogy but, I think, there will be more than three.

Like 'John Wick' (Keanu Reeves) and 'The Equalizer' (Denzel Washington) a new genre in Hollywood is the single hero crime drama that, unlike, the superhero films are centered around real-life, believable stories. Yes, they are high-impact films with known A and A- list actors in roles that are not stereotyped from their prior roles which makes these films refreshing and real-lifeish.

'Soldado' cost $35m to make and grossed over $36m in its first four days of release - not bad as the global take in the end will be well over $100m.

Jim Lavorato 

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