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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Oscar, You Need A Face-lift

Last week, the Oscars announced that there were going to be changes to the awards show.  While many, including yours truly, applaud the long-awaited changes - such as shorting the length of the show - it still remains a staid and boring annual tribute to the greatest entertainment on earth.

The changes being contemplated by the Academy, include:

- New award for: 'Outstanding Achievement in a Popular Film'. Translation: What Film Had The Biggest Gross'.
- A bunch of what are termed "behind the scenes" awards will not be broadcasted  but will be given
out during the commercial breaks.
- The whole show will be limited to three hours of run-time.

Note: the same film could win both Best Picture and Most Popular.                                                                               
Well, we've all known for a long time that the Show needed changing. But are these changes enough? The Oscars need to be movie-fan-centric NOT Hollywood-centric. I have always believed that the Awards should be given based on box-office and fan-based criteria and not on 'so called' film as art.

Which Awards will be 'cut' is still an open question and a very bitter battle is expected within the
Academy ranks. Technical awards were never popular with the public, so I say cut them all  OUT. Who cares about Sound Editing or Original Script? In there place lets have some REAL Awards: Best Sequel, Best Film Without A Storyline, Best Reboot now we're talking. Lets make the Oscars a real show, a fan-centric show. We need to reduce Oscar fatigue and bring in showmanship.

And as you know, as the Oscars go so do all of the other Award-fests. SAG, Golden Globes, etc.,etc.,etc. - but it's all the same stuff with all the same people over and over.

Oscar needs a face-lift, NO a total re-construct.

Just saying,
Jim Lavorato

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