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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Aston Martin Brings Bond DB5 Back

Thanks to an unexpected collaboration between Aston Martin, Bond movie producers EON, and the  special effects team at Pinewood Studios, James Bond's Aston DB5 is BACK!
Connery with DB5 as appeared in 'Goldfinger'

Aston Martin announced that it is going to build a run of 28 Bond DB5 Continuations, in honor of the upcoming 25th Bond movie due to be released in 2019.  25 of the cars will be sold to the public plus one for Aston Martin, one for EON, and one to be auctioned off for charity. Price per car 2,75m pounds (approx. $3.5m).

The cars will be built at the Aston Martin Works at Newport Pagnell,  home of the original DB5. They will be manufactured to the original plans and using traditional methods while incorporating the latest advances in auto technology while remaining true to the character of the Bond DB5.  The cars will all be painted Silver Birch and have several of the gadgets the original movie cars had (no, there will be no ejector seat or concealed machine guns) but there will, must likely, be revolving license plates and modern navigation and phone systems incorporated into the retro dashboard.

Delivery of the DB5s will be in 2020 with all 25 cars pre-sold before production.

Happy motoring,
Jim Lavorato, CMG

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