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Monday, October 22, 2018

Holiday B.O. - Starting Off With A Bang

Halloween kills it a the box office- 40 yrs. later
As CMG predicted, this holiday season box office will be stellar. It started off with 'Halloween' which killed it with a launch last weekend with a $77.5m b.o.  It came on the back of 'Venom' which had I $80m take earlier this month.

'Halloween' is a long-awaited sequel - over 40 years between the original and this latest film. However, this movie combined the return of the original star, Jamie Lee Curtis, great writing, and great filmmaking.

Both 'Venom' and 'A Star is Born' were big winners this month. Both topping over $100m since their releases. 'Venom' $171m and 'A Star is Born' $126m.  So far, October tally is more than 54% ahead of last year. Adding to this year being 10.6% higher than 2017.

CMG believes this trend will continue throughout the rest of the year - with November and December being record-breaking month at the box office. Enjoy exhibs. You deserve it!

Just saying,
Jim Lavorato
Cinema Mucho Gusto

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