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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Apple Streaming : Where It Stands

Details of Apple's proposed video streaming service are quite secret - but a few key features are to be unveiled at a 3/25 scheduled press event.
Apple Disputes Use Of Red Apple logo by Norway Political Group

Rumor has it that Apple's new streaming service will contain both original content and others' as well. Some of the Apple's content will be free while other will carry a subscription fee - very similar to Amazon'a Prime Video.

Apple's new Event logo
However, Apple does have a one up, and that its content will be suitable for viewing on the 189 million iPhones in use within the U.S. Additionally, there are millions of iPads where the Apple streaming app could be used. Given this, Apple will be a major force in video streaming. Will it hurt Netflix? No. There business models are quite different. Netflix is an only subscription-based service and does not charge for one-off content viewing. Plus you don't need to purchase a device to view its content, ala Apple.

No doubt Apple will be a contender in the streaming arena and adding streaming to his roster of products will enhance its financial performance. The one player that will feel the pain is Disney + (Disney's upcoming streaming service) as they are intending to follow the same model that Apple is adopting.

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