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Saturday, March 30, 2019

THX Ultimate : Will This Format Prosper

Recently a strategic alliance between THX and Barco was inked.  As the newest premium large format brand - THX Ultimate Cinema offers a THX certified auditorium that uses a Barco 4K dual laser projector and a THX immersive sound system.

The new system is a direct attack against Imax and Dolby cinema. Exhibitors would purchase the system and create its own ticket pricing. While the cost of the THX Ultimate was not disclosed, it is known that the Barco dual laser can run in the $1 million range, while the sound system can be upwards of $ 70 - 80,000 or higher.

Theater owners would purchase the system and create their own ticket pricing. WOW, this will be a first for the industry and it's high-time people took note of the cinema and how they are treated by the major studios. The rules of cinema exhibition are changing and fast, exhibs take note and move forward.

Jim Lavorato

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