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Thursday, December 19, 2019

2020 - A New Year or Perfect Vision

2020 - a new year or the benefit of perfect vision, perhaps both, at least in regards to my prognostications.

Trend-predicting is always fun but few get it right; otherwise, everyone in HWD (or for that matter anyone in the film industry) would have bet-the-farm on streaming 15 years ago. But, I am not deterred that easily and I'm going out on the proverbial limb to predict the following for 2020.

- The streaming war will continue. Disney, Apple, AT&T, TCM, and others have entered the fray to dethrone Netflix - more will join them. How many platforms consumers will subscribe to is anyone's guess but we do know cable-cutting in on the rise. 

- Oscar fatigue will continue and the Award Show's audience will continue to shrink. Prediction: the Show will go 'hostless' once again.

- The lion will be gobbled up in 2020. MGM will be sold and at a very high price - don't discount the 'Bond' franchise.

- Disney Plus will introduce original streamed content from Marvel in an effort to lock-in an older demo from the Mouse's animated, ie. younger audience, content.

- The streamers will lock horns with all of the major unions and guilds. Battles with the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild are foregone conclusions. The battles will be over higher compensation and larger piece of the residual pie. Look for mid-year strikes and the streamers and the studios cutting different deals.

- The film studios, sans Disney, will increase production of sequels, reboots, and spinoffs. The day of the one-off film is dead for the time being.

- Entertainers, on all sides of the political spectrum, will be spouting their views regarding the 2020 Presidential election. Fence-sitting will not be an option - it's going to be an all-out donnybrook.

- Baby Yoda and Baby Sharks will dominate the screen for all age levels and all classes.

That's it. Go forth and place your bets.

Jim Lavorato, Founder
Entertainment Equipment Corp.


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