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Friday, June 21, 2019

Oscar Must Wait For Its Museum, AGAIN!

Museum as it current stands
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' Museum is on hold once again, as it appears the H'wood glitterati are reluctant to pony-up the $100m required to complete the project. 

According to the Academy, "we have always chosen the path that would enhance the structure, even if that meant construction would take more time to complete". Funny, they left out the words 'we need more cash to complete this wildly out-of-control project". 

Since original inception, the Museum's exhibitions have been expanded in scope (requiring more interior space) and the collection of items to be exhibited has doubled - thereby bringing the new budget to $388m. It has been reported, by Variety, that fundraising has stalled at $281m - leaving a $100m+ shortfall.

Hmmm.... I guess all of the big-monied H'wood movers & shakers aren't up for doing the civic, good-deed.  Who needs the Museum anyway? Who cares about the fans? Let them eat cake.

Jim Lavorato, President
Entertainment Equipment Corp.

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