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Thursday, April 07, 2011


As predicted, many moons ago, the days of the DVD rental/sale are numbered.  The last major video store chain, Blockbuster Video, went bust and was up for auction last Monday.

Ravaged by savvy newcomers - Netflix and RedBox, which offered consumers cheaper and easier access to DVDs, Blockbuster was devoured. In turn, as I write this , Netflix is trying to advance its mail delivery strategy by inking deals, as fast as it can, with the movie studios for internet streaming rights. Netflix management knows this will not be an easy task, as it will have to battle with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple (to name several) in this space.  RedBox will also have to provide a web-based distribution strategy if it is to survive.

The digital domain is littered with the carcasses of many former robust and profitable entities which, like Blockbuster, have come to their end.  Digital technology ceaselessly progresses and the Hollywood studios should take a hard look at their current strategy of having movie theatres convert to digital projection.  For if the studios lose their control of movie distribution we will begin to witness the end of Hollywood as we know it.

Best and Happy Movie Going
Jim Lavorato

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