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Saturday, April 30, 2011


IF YOU'VE READ THIS BLOG FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME YOU'RE WELL AWARE that I have two parallel interests - the cinema and environmental sustainability.  These two interests merged in 2009 when (with the folks at ScreenTrade) an environmental accreditation initiative specific to cinemas - the Arboreel Group - was launched.

Arboreel has taken stutter steps since its inception, as cinema exhibitors (large and small) don't seem to feel the necessity to initiate sustainable practices in their day-to-day management and operations.  This is unfortunate, as cinemas are large users of energy, water, and disposable products.  Money is the big roadblock, as becoming green means spending green, at least upfront,with investment recoupment in the out years.  However, recoupment is getting faster and faster as energy, water, and concession products get costlier and costlier.

You don't have to be a pathfinder or early adopter to embrace sustainability. Moving to a darker shade of green for a cinema can be gradual and, for the most part, monetarily painless.

Contact the Arboreel Group at 800-448-1656 if you have an interest or for information on the Arboreel Program.

Best and Happy Movie Going
Jim Lavorato

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