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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


                         CMG   TRENDS                         
        Rising                Falling                 Splat   

   Amazon Tune             iTunes                        Napster
       Tablets                    Laptops                           PCs
        WebTV                Set Top Box                     Tivo
      Netflix                       RedBox                    Blockbusters

                               STATS  &  FACTS    

  • In the 4thQ of 2010 30 million Americans accessed financial services via mobile devices.  Up 54% from 2009. Smartphones pushing trend.
  • Disney broke ground on a $3.7 billion theme park in Shanghai last month adding to its overseas parks in Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Growth for all of the media giants will be overseas going forward.
  • Google ranked number one by BrandFinance Global as most valuable brand in the world. Traditional brand leaders such as, Coke and Marlboro, will continue to lose ground against tech companies.

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