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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Termed Cord Cutters, young adults have no intention of becoming $1000+ a year consumers (like their parents) of conventional cable or satellite TV subscriptions.

In conversation, DISH Network CEO, Charlie Ergen, stated that, "Young people who move into an apartment or starter home do not subscribe to any cable or satellite service.  They get their video over-the-top and their network programs from Hulu, Netflix, Roku, or Amazon.  Instead of paying $70-120, or more, per month they get it free or pay $7.99 per month from Netflix or $79 per year from Amazon.This is a long-term macro trend that is a threat to our industry."   Charlie you couldn't have said it any better.

Top 10 Cable Alternatives
Reuters even reported on a "Cord Cutting Holiday Gift Guide" - check it out at www.reuters.com .
 The coming cinema-TV-internet connection is going to be really messy but it is inevitable and unstoppable.

Cheers, Jim Lavorato

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