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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Last week, as you've probably seen, Miley Cyrus went all out at the iconic G.A.Y. club in London, and during her performance mounted a giant, blow-up penis and pelted-out her hit song 'Wrecking Ball'.
This is 'shock' entertainment and Miley is a master at it.

If you want a ton of media buzz and promo hype, Miley's your girl, as she routinely looks in her rear-view mirror at the likes of Gaga, Perry, Beyonce, and Rhyanna.  Miley says, "it's all in fun" and it sure looks like she's having the time of her life, but so are her fans.  Which begs the question: 'Is the cinema keeping up with what society expects in entertainment or is it stuck in a world of fantasy superheros and special effects which is becoming kiddish and tiresome?  Is 'shock' entertainment the new mantra or is Miley just an anomaly.

Yes, we all know that Hanna Montana is dead - Miley shed her skin long ago - but the urge and the demand for 'shock' appears to be getting greater as audiences lust for more. Miley, is just reflecting society's push to the racier and more provocative, as our attention spans get shorter and shorter to a point where only the abnormal gets our notice - what was outrage is now the norm.

Miley playing with a penis, Gaga and Perry puking up paint - is this just a jab in the eye or is it feeding our need for excess and does the cinema follow down this path? It use to be that celebs got publicity by getting busted for drug possession, shop-lifting, DUI, and then going to court and rehab (or not). Now its all about calculated 'shock' performances. What's worse? Ride the penis, puke on-stage but staying sober - I'm Ok with it.


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