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Monday, May 05, 2014

Solo Moviegoing - A Selfie Win/Win

Going to the movies alone is a wonderful thing - think about it:

I can choose any movie I want and no one can judge my choice.
I get both armrests.
I can walk out if the movie sucks and not give a f***.
I can order the concession, I like, the way I like it.
I can sit where I want - really up close.
I can laugh or cry when and how I please - no shame.
I don't have to share my junk food.
I can watch the trailers and movie in peace, without external commentary or partner annoyance.
I can choose the showtime and film and sometimes have the auditorium to myself - a private screening.

I love going to the movies alone - it's solo entertainment at its best! Hey, even the ticket says 'Admit One'

Oh, and while we're at it, how can you tell if a movie is going to suck?  It's all about exploding helicopters.  That's right, according to a tried and true theory, the more exploding helicopters in the movie's trailer the higher the level of suckiness.  See the chart - charts are always right!

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