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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Going To The Movies" - What Does It Mean To You

The phrase 'Going to the movies' is uniquely American yet global in use.

People, in the U.S., don't go to the movies as frequently as they once did as many have turned into homebodies.  TV technology and content streaming to all manner of personal device have given rise to viewing only the cream-of-the-crop at the megaplex.

To counteract this trend cinema operators are upgrading seating, improving and expanding concession offerings, and exhibiting the best in viewing entertainment with big screens and big sound. In turn, the studios have morphed into generators of  big budget and big risk blockbuster sequels, prequels, and reboots.

The megaplexes of the '80s and '90s are becoming passe' - huge structures that demand a continuous volume of product to fill their screens. Fully reclining seats and table service at your seat of food and drink is the new megaplex normal.  But, one must keep in mind, that there ain't no home screen wide enough, and there ain't no home sound big enough to ever replicate the full sensory immersion of 'going to the movies'.

'Going to the movies' is a ritual that has been honed over the decades. Most people can remember the first movie they viewed at a cinema - it was a coming of age event. In many cases, 'going to the movies' was one of  the first venues that many parents allowed their children to frequent without them.

'Going to the movies' is still the universal 'first date place'.  It is also the place where our inner likes and dislikes play themselves out - horror movie devotee, superhero addict, rom-com watcher, tear-jerker aficionado - there is a film genre for everyone.

 People go to the movies with others to have a shared experience - that can be discussed and debated. 'Going to the movies' is still exciting - the sharing of concessions, the dimming of the lights when the movie starts, the anticipation of being swept away into a story.

There is nothing like 'going to the movies' and that experience is here to stay. It's unique because it is personal yet communal and enjoyed by all.

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