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Monday, June 19, 2017

The Cinema SCOOP by Seymour Flix

Media Giants Form Alliance to Fight Piracy
Big Media's new ACE coalition

Normally fighting tooth-and-nail, a group of entertainment content producers have joined forces to fight a common enemy - piracy!

The new global coalition (comprised of 30 entities) has been dubbed the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) with the goal of reducing the prevalence of online piracy. The group plans to conduct research, work with law enforcement, and engage with companies responsible for the internet ecosystem, such as Google and other ISPs.

ACE brings together a group of companies which normally compete fiercely with each other: Amazon, the BBC, Bell Canada, CBS, HBO, Hulu, Lionsgate, MGM, Netflix, Universal, Fox, and Disney to name several of ACE's participating members.  The group brings a level of cooperation as yet unseen between these diverse content producers and distributors.

Content piracy has been rampant and getting worse, despite great efforts to stem its growth by such groups as the Motion Picture Association of  America.  In 2016, internet users streamed over 100 billion pirated productions.

Hollywood Goes GREEN with PEACH and PEAR
Hollywood's Green Initiative

It was a busy week for acronyms in tinsel-town, as in addition to the ACE coalition, in a show of unity to foster its goal to cut carbon emissions, the major movie studios teamed-up to form the Green Production Guide (GPG).  All of the studios were front and center for this green initiative: Amblin, Fox, Disney, Universal, Paramount, Sony, and Warners are all committed to collaborating with GPG.

Now, the GPG includes the Production Environmental Actions Checklist (oh yes, PEACH).  The goal of PEACH is to have movies and TV shows be awarded the Green Seal, which denotes the productions level of  "green-ness".  This Green Seal is given based upon the Production Environmental Accounting Report (you guessed it, PEAR), a carbon calculator which computes a production's carbon emissions.

On their face, both PEACH and PEAR appear to be good initiatives because, as we all know, movie and TV production has not been very environmentally friendly here-to-fore. Good luck Hollywood.


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