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Sunday, June 25, 2017

'Wonder Kitty'

The Japanese love cuteness, and what is cuter than 'Hello Kitty', the ubiquitous Kitty that is recognized globally. So, it's natural that, for the first time ever, Hello Kitty will be promoting a movie - that being the new 'Wonder Woman'.

The 'Wonder Woman' and 'Hello
'Hello Kitty' Wonder Woman outfit.
Kitty' tie-in is for the scheduled opening of the movie in Japan on August 25th. Sanrio, the owner of 'Hello Kitty', designed a custom superhero costume for Kitty - with red, blue, and gold detailing, high-boots, and a Lasso of Truth.

'Wonder Woman's' director, Patty Jenkins, is a big fan and collector of all things related to 'Hello Kitty' and approved of the collaboration as did Warner Brothers, Wonder Woman's production studio and distributor.

Tickets have already gone on sale in Japan, and each advanced ticket purchaser will receive a Wonder Woman and Hello Kitty rubber key-chain or limited edition reproduction of the first Wonder Woman comic book which appeared in 1941.

In Japan, the movie's promotion and trailers are playing up Wonder Woman's innocence and pureness which are all part of the movie's promotion and, of course, Kitty's traits.

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