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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Great Medical News For Cinemas

Yes, the word from the medical industry (at least some in it) believe that Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other entertainment content internet streamers should come with a health warning label.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) , if you are staying up way past you normal bedtime because you wanted to get through a season of your favorite TV series you are putting your health in peril.

Binge-watchers that fail to get enough sleep are in danger of suffering deteriorating "mood and cognitive abilities" stated the AASM last week.  In very bad cases, sleep deprived viewers are at risk of being "in a workplace accident or drowsy-driving crash!"

This is great news for cinemas. No binge watching there. And no 2am showings. The AASM recommends that adults get, at least, seven hours or more of sleep nightly.  The AASM, whose members comprise sleep professionals and doctors, said it's unwise to scrimp on getting the adequate amount of sleep no matter how compelling the entertainment.

You can stream your favorite shows in moderation. "responsible binge-watching is the way to balance your personal entertainment with you health and well-being" recommends the AASM. The group gave the following tips for binge-watching:

- Set an episode limit each night
- Take a break between each episode to get out of the "auto-play loop"
- Download episodes on your smartphone to control how many you watch at once
- Schedule time on the weekend to catch up on your favorite shows
- Minimize brightly lit screens by using screen settings that filter blue light after sunset

Binge viewings is bad! Nuf said.  Movies in cinemas are good for your health. Ok, we won't get into the concession part, but dang, going to the cinema is exciting, uplifting, and a healthy form of entertainment.

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