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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Exhibitors FINALLY Get Smart ... and Unite

GCF too little - too late?
Motion picture exhibitors have finally joined forces by forming a global alliance to address major industry issues that have been impacting them for decades. Long in coming, this type of collaboration attests to the slow, myopic nature of the cinema exhibition industry and the ineffectiveness of their trade groups.

However, at last, in an effort to present a united front a group of exhibitors has formed the Global Cinema Federation (GCF), a new group that will represent many of the world's major cinema operators.

Membership is open to all exhibitors with at least 250 screens and the national trade associations. Smaller exhibitors will be allowed to support the Federation and will be kept abreast of all of its activities and developments.  The first meeting of GCF was held during the recent annual CineEurope Convention in Barcelona and will meet again during CineAsia and CinemaCon.

Facing a diminishing distribution window, internet content streamers, piracy, poor studio relationships, and ever improving home entertainment cinema exhibition does not portend a rosy future - hopefully the GCF will provide a much stronger voice on behalf of the global exhibition community. Alegendro Ramierez Magana, CEO of the Cinepolis Cinema Group, and one of  GCF's prime movers, told CMG, "we are still working on the exact role of the Group and developing our positions on key issues, lobbying role, and education."

Members include: AMC Theaters, Cinemark, Cineplex, Cinepolis, Cineworld, Event Cinemas, Les Cinemas Gaumont Pathe, Regal Group, Vive International, Wanda Cinema and others, including trade associations: International Union of Cinemas, and the National Association of Theater Owners.

CMG wishes all the best to the Global Cinema Federation but believes it is too little - too late. A group such as this should have existed decades ago when they might have had some clout. Now we are too far down the road - there is no stopping the internet streaming juggernaut and no real strong cards for exhibitors to play.

Nuff said,

Jim Lavorato

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