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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Bernie? "I hardly knew Him"

"Bernie WHO? I hardly knew the guy." This is what's being said throughout t Hollywood, Belair, and Beverly Hills today.
Weinstein as he left court upon sentencing of 23 years.

From the top of the Hollywood heap to the rank dampness of Rikers Island that's how far Bernie Weinstein has fallen. And Bernie will be rising damp for the next 23 years.

Sentenced in New York State Superior Court today by Judge James Burke, a jury had previously convicted Weinstein of one count of sexual criminal assault and one count of 3rd degree rape.

Although his defense pointed out to Judge Burke all of Bernie's charitable works, his age (67) and poor health it all fell on deaf-ears. as the Court imposed the 23 year (basically, life) sentence. Weinstein's legal woes; however, are not over. He still has to appear in Los Angeles where he is facing 5 more counts of criminal sexual charges.

CMG believes that this may be the end of the 'casting couch' by moguls in the film industry - as the price to be paid is too great and the #metoomovement is not over.

Jim Lavorato