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Friday, February 23, 2007


The 2006 numbers are in and the Boxoffice improved over 2005 - a dreadful year. Domestic B.O. was up 3% over '05 at $9.1b, while overseas did even better, increasing over 11% to $14.6b.
However, the numbers are still quite skewed, as the Top 10 films of the year generated 24.5% of total Domestic B.O. The Top 25 films alone accounting for 42.7% of total domestic B.O. for the year. And the genre of films pretty much was in line with the prior 5 year trend. With audience preference toward Fantasy/Drama and Comedy/Drama movies. Of the Top ten films in 2006, 7 were Fantasy, 1 Comedy, and 2 Dramas. Of the Top 25 there were 7 Fantasy, 11 Comedy, 6 Drama, and 1 Horror.

Although holding its own in the cut-throat world of entertainment, the cinema will remain a static performer. The 2007 crop of films appears to have promise but the fact remains that audiences are completely content driven and - as the stats support - genre driven as well.

The 2007 B.O. should show marginal improvement over '06 - which at $23.7b was certainly not stellar; however, the foreign markets will continue to outpace the domestic B.O. in terms of both organic and incremental growth. With 62% of total 2006 B.O. the overseas markets are where its at for the studios, as these markets continue to have strong growth. It's also where future potential is greatest, and where predicting audience film perference is much less challenging.

Jim Lavorato

Sunday, February 11, 2007


We have updated Cinema Mucho Gusto and have a new look. Which we hope will serve you better and make our Blog more interesting visually.