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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Fall/Winter 2021 Will See Best Box Office in 3 Years

 'Dune' led the way last week, posting a global gate of $220 million. Warners and Legendary spent $165 in production and marketing so they needed that big first week and it paid off nicely. 

Note: In Theaters and HBO

The film premiered day-and-date with HBO Max streaming, but that didn't stop moviegoers from wanting the 'big-screen version. 

Original One-sheet

This fall/winter season will witness major returns at cinemas as moviegoers will flock to view the silver screen versions of movies. We should note that we do very much like the AMC Theaters TV ad with Nicole Kidman and the tagline "We make movies better". It is so true and moviegoers know it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Chappelle & Netflix Have CMG's Full Support


Dave Chappelle, Comedian

I believe there is too, too much sensitivity regarding social issues. Netflix should support Dave Chappelle and his humor regarding sexual preferences, racism, and other socially 'tabooed' topics. 

Terra Field, a trans Netflix employee, blog posted that Chappelle's comments and jokes were "transphobic" and that Netflix condoned this behavior - What Nonsense!

Terra, just go live your life. You made choices. No one is condemning your choice. You are a "symptom" of closed-mindedness and marginalization. And you don't speak for all transexuals. You can't put everyone in a box and label them this or that. For all we know many trans may have found Chappelle's humor great. You cannot speak for all LGBTQ+ people - this is what you feel. 

Transphobia is a word devised to 'label' and demean those who you feel are hindering your ability to function sexually as you prefer. This is not the case with Chappelle or Netflix. 

Go on with your life - be happy. 

IATSE vs. Major Studios & Streamers

 As a follow-up to the IATSE labor negotiations with the film and TV studios and content streamers, there seems to be a ratification vote in the offing.

The Union announced, on Saturday night, that a deal had been made. However, the deal received a hostile reception for the rank and file.

Strike signs are ready to go

But Union officials remain confident that the deal will be ratified. According to Salvador Rerez, president of the Costume Designers Guild, "Some members had unrealistic expectations that were never going to be fulfilled. We will now have a better contract than we ever had before, and we avoid a work stoppage."

The deal must be approved by a majority vote of the 60,000+ members - the voting is online. The Union released a Fact Sheet on the agreement. 

This is where things stand. If ratified it will avert a strike that would put a halt to all film and TV production throughout the country.

Saturday, October 09, 2021

We're 'Bond' Crazy

Moviegoers worldwide LOVE the Bond franchise. For almost a lifetime moviegoers have embraced the Bond legacy.

                                              Where it all started

Starting with 'Dr. No' in 1962 to the just-released 'No Time to Die' not only have we been entertained with, by and large, good if not great films but GREAT movie theme songs.

The 'Bond Theme Song' is, without doubt, one of the most recognizable of all movie themes...all you need to hear are the first several notes.

There are 26 Bond movie theme songs and in their wisdom, Variety just issued a list (worst to best - in their opinion) or all 26 - here it is, see if you agree.

26 - "Writing's on the Wall" Sam Smith (Spectre 2015)

25 - "License to Kill" Gladys Knight (License to Kill 1989)

24 - "The Living Daylights" A-ha (The Living Daylights 1987)

23 - "Another Way to Die" Jack White & Alicia Keys (Quantum of Solace 2008)

22 - "Die Another Day" Madonna (Die Another Day 2002)

21 - "From Russia With Love" Matt Monro (From Russia With Love 1963)

                                              One of my favorite Bonds

20 - "The World Is Not Enough" Garbage (The World Is Not Enough 1999)

19 - "Tomorrow Never Dies" Sheryl Crow (Tomorrow Never Dies 1997)

18 - "All Time High" Rita Coolidge (Octopussy 1983)

17 - "You Know My Name" Chris Corwell (Casino Royale  2006)

16 - "For Your Eyes Only" Sheena Easton (For Your Eyes Only 1981)

15 - "The Man With The Golden Gun" Lulu (Man With The Golden Gun 1974)

14 - "GoldenEye" Tina Turner (GoldenEye 1995)

13 - "Skyfall" Adele (Skyfall 2012)

12 - "A View To Kill" Duran Duran  (A View To Kill  1985)

11 - "Thunderball" Tom Jones (Thunderball 1965)

10 - "Moonraker" Shirley Bassey (Moonraker 1979)

 9 - "No Time To Die" Billie Eilish (No Time To Die 2021)

 8 - "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" John Barry Orchestra (On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969)

 7 - "Nobody Does It Better" Carly Simon (The Spy Who Loved Me 1979)

 6 - "We Have All The Time In The World" Louis Armstrong (On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969)

 5 - "Live and Let Die" Paul McCartney & Wings (Live and Let Die 1973)

 4 - "You Only Live Twice" Nancy Sinatra (You Only Live Twice 1967)

 3 - "James Bond Theme" John Barry Orchestra (Dr. No 1962)

 2 - "Goldfinger" Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger  1964)

 1 - "Diamonds Are Forever" Shirley Bassey (Diamonds Are Forever 1971)

                                        Bond's iconic Aston Martin DB5

As you noticed, Shirley Bassey performed three of the Bond themes. Only two have won Best Song Oscars: "Writing's on the Wall" by Sam Smith and "Skyfall" by Adele.

In addition to the main themes, there have been songs used during the end credits of Bond films performed by The Pretenders, k.d. lang, and Patti LaBelle.

What's Your Favorite?

 Mine: "You Only Live Twice" https://youtu.be/hs8uYxTJ530

Strike of IATSE Against Content Providers Still Alive

 As a follow-up to a previous CMG post, the Intl' Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees says, "it's getting closer to seeking an agreement on its key priorities."

The key priorities needed to be agreed to with the Hollywood studios and streaming content providers are: curbing the long production hours and streaming pay scales.

The negotiations are in their first week but the Union has already voted to strike if the talks fail to produce a deal.

The Union issued a statement saying, "We are committed to reaching a deal. However, we're not going to let this drag out for weeks and weeks. We want to see significant movement quickly."

The negotiations are under a media blackout, but what is know is that the content providers have agreed to provide a 10-hour 'turnaround' between shifts for all production workers. Meaning that the maximum hours for any shift cannot exceed 10 hours.

The talks continue but it seems to be slow-going. The last thing the entertainment industry needs is a production stoppage - given all of the production shut-downs and delays caused by the pandemic. 

We'll keep you informed.