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Monday, March 16, 2009


One of Arboreel's main components is recycling, which is a concept everyone embraces. Yet, when it comes to electronics the EPA estimates that only 14% of all e-waste was recycled in 2007. This low rate of e-waste recycling is compounded by the unrelenting production/consumption of electronic products throughout the world. For example, 71 million computers were sold in the U.S. last year. Worldwide 300 million were sold. That one product category generated a huge amount of high-tech garbage that is much more toxic than cans or bottles and in many cases winds up in dump sites in the U.S. or (even worse) in foreign countries - this is not good!

Arboreel assists businesses in adopting and implementing non-burdensom recycling and reuse programs which, moreover, can be successfully tied into a business's overall community relations program. Keep in mind that over 80% of the public favorably views and supports local businesses that are eco-friendly and promote environmental issues.

1080p & BEYOND

The native resolution of a 1080p HDTV and that of a 2K DLP Digital Cinema Projector are essentially the same. However, that standard is rapidly evolving in the world of HDTVs. At the January International Consumer Electronics Show I viewed HDTVs with resolutions of 1380p. So, home viewing, in the not too distant future, will surpass D-Cinema's image quality. Hmmm...not a very rosy prospect for the standard DLP based D-Cinema systems - 3D may be a different story - only time will tell.


Join us at the Bellagio - Gauguin Room #1 on Thursday, April 2nd for breakfast @ 9am or afternoon refresher @ 1pm for the launch of Arboreel. There will be casual conversation and expert advice regarding increasing environmental sustainability of buildings and the implemlentation of energy, water, and waste programs for all types of businesses in the cinema industry. Please RSVP for the morning or afternoon session.


One of the topics thoroughly discussed during our Cinema Management Workshops is that of sexual harassment. I can't stress strongly enough the importance to the movie exhibition industry. You may have viewed the Sunday, February 22nd airing of "NOW" - a weekly current events program on PBS. The show addressed teenage sexual harassment in the workplace. One of the prime examples given was a lawsuit brought against UltraStar Cinemas, a small theatre circuit in San Diego, that was sued by several female employees. The lawsuit - which alledged sexual harassment by several male Managers and Asst. Managers - was found in favor of the plaintiffs who won a multi-million dollar settlement. UltraStar has appealed the ruling; however, this points to the requirement by all cinemas to pay special attention to training and policies regarding teen sexual harassment.

Even those companies that feel they have policies in place need to know those policies are properly working to protect staff and yourself (the theatre owner). Look to CTC for training, guidance, and proper policy developement and implementation on this and other pertinent issues.

Friday, March 13, 2009


All of CTC's 2009 seminars and workshops have been updated and refreshed to bring you the latest information, technology and developments impacting the cinema industry. Additionally, new products and equipment servicing techniques are being introduced into the technical training workshops. Training dates for 2009 are the weeks of April 20 - 24 and September 14 - 18. Request to entequip@aol.com and we'll send you the 2009 CTC Guidebook. The CTC training facility is an 8plex movie theatre that has been equipped with a variety of movie projection and sound equipment - film and digital formats. Contact Entertainment Equipment Corp. through our website at gotoeec.com.