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Monday, August 02, 2021

The Rich Sue The Richer: Scarlett Sues Disney Over Streaming $$$

 The big uproar is H'wood at the moment is the fact that the A-listers aren't getting their fair share of the 'entire' box office gross.

The most recent example is Scarlett Johansson, who picked up a $20 million paycheck for 'Black Widow' says she deserves more! According to Johansson, Disney owes her big time. This stems from the battle regarding H'wood stars getting paid when movies are released and streamed day-and-date, as was 'Black Widow'. 

Scarlett's contract calls for her to get a salary plus a share of the gross box office, but with streaming from Disney+,  Disney says no dice. Compensation is only from the theatrical release.

Netflix, for example, side-steps this issue by paying big bucks up front. Disney, however, views it differently and feels actors should be paid a salary plus box office take.

This whole scenario is a lose/lose. The outcome will be something like this: Disney will settle with Johansson. Otherwise, it will find itself being sued by actors again and again. On the flip side, Scarlett appears greedy and not superhero-ish.

It's all great fun - isn't it?  

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