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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Chappelle & Netflix Have CMG's Full Support


Dave Chappelle, Comedian

I believe there is too, too much sensitivity regarding social issues. Netflix should support Dave Chappelle and his humor regarding sexual preferences, racism, and other socially 'tabooed' topics. 

Terra Field, a trans Netflix employee, blog posted that Chappelle's comments and jokes were "transphobic" and that Netflix condoned this behavior - What Nonsense!

Terra, just go live your life. You made choices. No one is condemning your choice. You are a "symptom" of closed-mindedness and marginalization. And you don't speak for all transexuals. You can't put everyone in a box and label them this or that. For all we know many trans may have found Chappelle's humor great. You cannot speak for all LGBTQ+ people - this is what you feel. 

Transphobia is a word devised to 'label' and demean those who you feel are hindering your ability to function sexually as you prefer. This is not the case with Chappelle or Netflix. 

Go on with your life - be happy. 

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